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Joseph Konty from Oregon Portland

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Bio – joseph konty

No amount of vocal performance or guitar playing can substitute for edgy authentic Soul R&B/Pop. The audience or CD listener can sense musical genius that passes for heartfelt sentiment. The resulting music of passion is what you hear from Joseph Konty.

Joseph Konty’s music sticks with the listener. With emotionally complex lyrics that convey real life experience his performances which have the easy spontaneity of an impromptu session and full blown stage bravado or acoustic whispers ignites the audience.

Joseph Konty, born in the summer of 1982 in Denver, CO., raised in Texas, and now residing in Portland, Oregon, blessed the local Baptist church with his singing voice from an early age with the manners taught by his southern Mother. While he enjoyed painting and drawing, the inspiration of gospel music at the church and the message is what moved Konty. Joseph graduated high school early to start recording his music and then took another four years to continue his education at a private college while taking private lessons in the areas of singing and guitar. He was encouraged to pursue a career in music from that time to present with three recordings under his belt and the latest “Body Soul Movement” 2007 being prepared. The 2007 CD at time of release showed his strength as a singer and songwriter. It is his fourth recording, "Modern Live Sessions," which shows us the true Joseph Konty, set to release early 2008. “It is the music I always wanted. It is me,” says Joseph.

There are several inspirations that peer through his music. For example, the inspiration of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Boyz II Men, and Motown. Their melodic and powerful words or music are true and captured his soul, early on. “I know that I do not sound like these artist, but they do something inside every time I hear them. You will always hear these artist being played when you are around me,” Joseph Konty. Joseph’s guitar performance comes from the sounds of gospel, R&B and soul music. “Many guitar players try and choose guitar heroes, but for me I really did not have any. I tried, but in the end it was just sounds that influenced me. I like anything catchy, tasty or well put. However, I will state that Prince is beyond…..the man's a genius,” Joseph Konty.

The music is seductive with honest and soulful lyrics that rise from the heart and forcefully connect. Joseph keeps it real. "I write about my own truths," he confesses. "It's important that people accept me for who I am." What he uniquely is becomes evident from the first time you listen to his voice and are won over by his emotions. “ I have had a great life and am very grateful. However, the past few years have been somewhat trying,” Joseph Konty.

Ever since finishing school the process of doing music as a full time career has come panged with questions, doubts, and sometimes brick walls. Joseph started the process for graduate school at a local university and then decided to not go through with it and to focus all energy on his dream. Graduate school will come at a later date and a later season. The past few years have challenged Jospeh on many levels ranging personally, to a family illness and the loss of his grandmother. Really they have been somewhat dark times with light over top. It has really pushed him to create music that is his own brand, listen to what is in his heart and go for it.

Joseph is a rising well known artist in the Northwest performing at numerous clubs, casinos, auditoriums and private events. A highlight of 2007, Joseph brought his modern flare of R&B/Soul and opened the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Waterfront Blues Festival. This is the largest blues gathering west of the Mississippi. He creates more than just a listener but a fan, or in his way of explaining it, “I build relationships. Any type of business whether it be music or retail is only marked by the relationships it builds.”

This young man’s career has no stops ahead and at such a young age the experiences and education that he has brought into life will make him more than just another here today gone tomorrow pop sensation. Joseph Konty is a songwriter, a storyteller, a trend setter, and most importantly an icon for a generation. Let his music influence something new inside of you and connect you with timeless remnants of the past.

“I cannot imagine doing anything else. I love entertaining and it is a way for everything that I am, to be used all at once. I feel completely drained after a show or studio session, but in a fulfilling way. I am not sure what the future holds, I do not care for money or fame, but I do care for a stage to perform on and the means to take care of a family of my own. My greatest achievement will be when I can look back on life and see that I saw my dreams come true and gave charitably to many people and nations along the way. To sum up my music, it is philanthropy, with many avenues to go down," Joseph Konty.

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