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Joshua Alo from Hawaii

Artist History

Joshua Alo meets with Italy's acclaimed Studio Beat2 Engineer...Irko, Bass guitarist...Maurizio Nizzetto, Pianist...Mr. Gianluca Ballarin and Italia's sensational roots reggae band...Zion Love, in collaboration of Joshua's first debut album/demo "Answer your Calling." As a full time active duty U.S. service member, Joshua has sacrificed what little off-duty time he had to get his messages of faith out through this album recording and continues this struggle in the middle east.

Born and raised on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, Joshua bonded an affinity between conscious roots reggae and the beauties of God's creations. As a teenager, he began strumming the ukulele and acoustic six deep into the night on the rhythmic shores and hills of the island. In early 1999, Joshua enlisted in the U.S. Air Force which provided him a broad global experience and cultural understanding. Since then he has lived in Japan, Belgium, Italy and the Kingdom of Bahrain, traveled to 22 countries including 1 deployment to Oman and 2 to Iraq. Everywhere he goes he sings conscious acoustic roots reggae to anyone who will listen. He writes and sings from the depths of his heart bringing forth visions of his experiences, gained knowledge and insight from his walk of faith in a world of political and spiritual unrest where both truth and lie lay in front of our eyes.

With his album/demo “Answer Your Calling,” Joshua prays that one and all muster the courage to do just that! Son of man sets the example. Following the Most High's will for your life and never selling your dreams God placed in your heart to follow for “Security.” To stand firm and answer your calling amongst blind guides and to shine this light over darkness within the Almighty's creation, all we need is faith and a thing called love. Irie! May God bless you.

Just by you viewing this page, you are supporting Joshua to get the message of the Most High across as he is currently stationed in the middle east and cannot physically network his music. Thank you for your support!
Joshua Alo Blog
Review of "Answer Your Calling" by Xavier P. for RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 02 Aug 2007 11:10 AM
Joshua Alo’s “Answer Your Calling” is a spiritually enriching collection of beautifully arranged reggae songs. Joshua’s rich, soothing voice pierces through the instrumentation and pulls you into his musical paradise. An uncommon, yet enticing element that appears in most of the songs on this CD is acoustic guitar openings. For instance, the intros of “Angel” and “Blind Guides” sound like those of acoustic rock/alternative songs. As these songs progress, they make an effortless and seamless transition into the reggae genre with the introduction of groovy beats and catchy electric guitar riffs. Moreover, the lyrics of these graceful tunes are best described as pleasantly compelling – honest, poetic themes of divine purpose, higher callings, and passionate love! Stunning, top-notch production gives this album the right to be called a ‘musical masterpiece!’ Reggae lovers with an appreciation for Bob Marley and Soldiers of Jah Army will be pleasantly surprised by this uplifting work of art!
-Xavier P. for RadioIndy
Check out Joshua Alo's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

Album sales dedicated to orphanage
POSTED BY: joshuaalo POSTED ON: 06 Jul 2007 02:25 AM
NOTE: 100% of all Answer your Calling album sales from now until the 20th of July will go toward Nikki's place. An Agape Home-Providing love and care to abandoned or orphaned babies and children with, or at risk of HIV/AIDS. Located in Chiang Mai Thailand, the Agape Home for babies with HIV/AIDS opened in May 1996 as a response to the plight of children impacted by the spread of HIV/AIDS across Thailand. All of the children who come to the Agape Home to live are, or are at risk of being HIV +. Many of them have already lost their parents to AIDS, and there are no other options for theircare. See www.allforyouth.org/thailand/html for more details.

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