Juniper is Ron and Lisa Potter, a duo who want to invade mainstream music with a different kind of sound…the kind that entertains your mind, haunts your soul, and breaks some rules. 

Ron is the guitar-toting, songwriting philosopher of the two. But Ron never followed through on his musical passions, till he met Lisa and fell in love. “She was and remains inspiration to stay committed rather than be committed,” he gushes. 


The vocals, by Lisa, reflect an eclectic mix of powerful and ambient moods. Lisa states that they work together as a team. “I like to be his sounding board,” states Lisa. “I lock him in a room, slide food under the door, and don’t enter the room till I hear something creative!”


Joking aside, they do work together. Equipped with their own recording studio, Ron produces and tracks each sound. He plays guitar and programs many of the beats and other sounds. Lisa sings and plays piano.  Her vocal talents expand beyond the alternative-pop/rock genre too as she has performed with the Orlando Opera in Florida and the Bach Festival Choir.


Their new album "Crazy Love" is a result of their new studio work.  Inspiration for these new songs reflect their relationship to each other as well as their feelings throughout some unique circumstances.  Erotic ideas and fantasies, relational challenges, job conditions and emotional getaways are all ideas Juniper sings about.  If you like NIN, Garbage, and Portishead, then you'll likely enjoy where Juniper's new songs will take you.  You can sample some of their new music at


Juniper is not a “niche” type of artist. They want to carve out their own space. Having been dubbed “The Real Deal" and "Unique to their Alt-pop, Industrial groove genre" by, they are well on their way.


Right now, Juniper is mainly focused on song-making at their studio, promoting their songs via the web and seeking licensing opportunities with the hopes of developing a live sound for performances.   Recent achievements include licensing on the nationally known programs "Dr. 90210" and "E! True Hollywood Stories" and Honorable Mention for songwriting through


Their new album "Crazy Love" continues their musical journey and has already garnered rave reviews.