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K-FUnit from Africa
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Artist History

Koftown Unit is a group of talented 4, two rappers two singers that lives and reside in Koforidua Eastern part of Ghana Generally called Koftown, we are friends with different gift of-course in music, so we came together to unite and make a good song to promote the name and image of the Town, State or Region and above all the Country Ghana.popularly called "G H" We do good music. More about the track, its all about Love. you wouldn't get me right if i do not explain, you know we sat down closely and watch a beautiful lady who gave birth to her first child, and we realized that the love that is in between the lady and the child was great, i mean she don't want anything to happen to the child, she don't want the babe to cry, she don't want the babe to feel hungry, she always make sure that she play with the babe and put a smile on the babe's face, she do not want even a fly to step on the body of the little child, and so we just imagine that if a woman could love her husband, or boyfriend the way she loves or will love her new born babe, that love will be Unbreakable and that is how we came about the song. NEW BORN BABE

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