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Keaton Simons from Los Angeles, CA
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Artist History

"An old soul in a young man's voice" is the headline on the front page of the Los Angeles Times Calendar section. The article is about 26 year old Keaton Simons, a young and gifted singer/songwriter. His voice, described as having a "lived-in quality" is one that will echo in our minds and hearts for years to come. Keaton's fascination with music surfaced early. Singing since he could talk and picking up Beethoven on the piano by ear while still in preschool. Keaton finally started his lifetime love affair with the guitar at age 12. As a 17 year old out of high school, Keaton started thinking about college. He decided on The Evergreen State College, located an hour south of Seattle in Olympia, Washington. The area, which has become known as a fertile breeding ground for music and art, proved perfect to set in motion his initiation into the immense world of music. It was there that Keaton started writing songs. He dove in headfirst, taking on courses ranging from 20th century classical composition to Indonesian gamelan music to jazz and everything in between. Keaton's years at Evergreen not only introduced him to diverse global music but also taught him to incorporate everything into his own sensibilities. Actually, Keaton is most accused of being too diverse to contain. Rest assured, there is more than enough to go around. After an early graduation, it was back to Los Angeles, playing music with old friends like Tre Hardson (of The Pharcyde) and new ones like singer N'Dea Davenport (of the Brand New Heavies), Kim Hill (of the Black Eyed Peas), underground hip-hop legend Medusa and appearing on Jay Leno's TONIGHT SHOW with hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg. He was soon a nightly fixture on the city's club circuit, at one point playing with ten or more different acts. Before Keaton was 21 years old he was asked to compose music for the motion picture Mercy Streets. Labels began to investigate and eventually he landed a deal with Maverick Records. Keaton released a five-song EP with Maverick entitled "Currently". The EP displays rootsy, guitar-driven songs with stylish arrangements that showcase his rich, often spooky melodies. Indeed, the disc's delicate, down-home title track is in rotation at radio stations around America. Recently reaching #1 on the charts of Tucson, AZ's KWMT 92.9 The Mountain. One of the first to play Keaton's music was influential LA public radio station KCRW, which afforded him the opportunity in early 2005 to play the Universal Amphitheatre supporting Coldplay. Keaton's music has also been featured on LA's #1 mid-day radio show, KLSX 97.1, "Heidi, Frosty and Frank". Keaton appeared live in 2005 as a part of BMI's annual Sundance Film Festival showcase. Sharing the bill with Vanessa Carlton, Minnie Driver, Joe Firstman and Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service). Keaton is no stranger to the world of film and television. With grandfather, David Rayfiel, who has written such film classics as, "The Way We Were", "Round Midnight", "Rain Man" and "Three Days of the Condor", to name a few. His grandmother, Lila Garrett (who Keaton immortalized in the song "Joseph" on which he plays all the instruments including drums, bass, piano, guitar and vocals) has credits as writer/ producer/ director on pretty much every sit-com television show from the 1960s to the 2000s and an Emmy for her 1988 TV movie "Who Gets the Friends?". Keaton's mother and father are also prominent players in the industry. Keaton's father, Jimmy Simons, is probably best known for his work producing and directing television. Coming in on the ground floor of such hit shows as, "Moonlighting", "Lois and Clark" and "Malcolm in the Middle". His mother, Eliza Roberts, has made a name for herself as a Hollywood Jane of all trades. From actress to casting director, manager to writer. In her early 20s she was made producer of the pre-MTV phenomenon "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert". The show hosted live performances from such acts as, The Rolling Stones, The Brothers Johnson and James Brown. Like many musicians today, Keaton has crossed over into the world of acting, having performed a heart-stopping rendition of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" on NBC's acclaimed "American Dreams". Keaton's music has the cross over appeal and longevity to stand the test of time. His live shows are an energetic look into the mind and soul of a true artist. Be the one to say you knew him when.
Keaton Simons Blog
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POSTED BY: keatonsimons POSTED ON: 10 May 2005 01:23 AM
KEATON SIMONS: exes & whys (2 Disc)KEATON SIMONS: exes & whys (2 Disc)

"exes & whys", Keaton's 2-disc follow-up to his Maverick Records' EP ("Currently") gives us the intimate, haunting, irresistible, driving songs Simons performs with such energy on stage.

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