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Keylow from Florida Gainesville Jacksonville

Artist History

Keylow was born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1979 and is a leading member of the hip-hop group ILL Natured. Fueled by the early death of his father(who was also a songwriter/musician), Keylow has been writing music for most of his life and started recording his work in 1996. A versatile musician, Keylow uses keyboards, guitars, turntables and drum machines to make his beats. In 2001 Keylow released his debut solo CD entitled "Peace of Mind" and started to build up a fanbase. In 2003, Keylow produced his 2nd LP "Celestial Experience" and went on to perform live shows with AFROMAN(Universal Records), LONGBEACH SHORTBUS(featuring members of SUBLIME/LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS) Dreamworks), DJ MR. MIXXX of 2 LIVE CREW, REHAB, SQUEEZETOY, EL PUS(Virgin Records), Astronautilus and many more.  Keylow's new CD "Reflectionz" is due for release April 10th of 2007.
Keylow Blog
"Reflectionz" reviewed by Josh B. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: samid1471 POSTED ON: 21 May 2007 09:30 AM
On "Reflectionz", Keylow shows that his lyrical versatility is progressing with his music. Keylow brings a fresh approach to hip-hop showing that he can rhyme with the best. Keylow creates his lyrics from real life experiences that are interesting and relevant. On the opening full track "This Life", the beat and lyrics are so hot this song will make you sweat. If you like real hip-hop like Dialated Peoples then you will love Keylow. Get your copy today

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