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Latecia from Unknown

Artist History

Latecia was born and raised in the D.C. Metropolitan area. The young songstress began writing songs at the age of seven. At the age of ten, Latecia formed an R&B duo with Jennifer Lighty (younger sister of Chris Lighty, CEO of Violator Management). Their first song 'Pick it Up' was recorded on a simple audio recorder in her grandmother’s basement. Dreams of a music career quickly flourished.

In the years to come, Latecia would compete in local talent shows and host an array of events while pursing her musical career. During the spring of 2007, Latecia met Eugene (Pete) Alexander of NBB Entertainment after performing at a local talent show. Pete saw potential in the young songstress and invited her to meet his partners Mike Anderson and Ronald Ward. She was given the opportunity to write and record a song using one of NBB’s electrifying tracks. The song was a hit, but to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, she was asked to record another song. By the time the third song was recorded, Latecia had three solid hits. It was apparent that this newly formed union had the potential to burst the music industry wide open. “All my life I’ve wanted the opportunity to express my musical compositions to the world. I feel the music, I love the music, and I want to show others that there are alternative ways to pursuing your dreams… NEVER GIVE UP!! You only fail when you QUIT!”
What title could be more appropriate for Latecia’s debut album than I LOVE THE MUSIC? Set to debut in the summer of 2008, I LOVE THE MUSIC with production from NBB Entertainment, electrifies the music industry and regenerates the R&B genre. The album takes you on a ride through love, life, relationships and everyday struggles that we all go through. “You really have to be dedicated and determined to make it in this industry. This business is really grimy. The business side can scare you away from pursuing your passion, but if you love it, you’ll stick with it no matter how many obstacles are thrown in your way,” she admits. Latecia wrote or co-wrote a majority of the songs on her album. One of her favorite quotes, “The pen is mightier than the sword,” can be seen all throughout her music and writing skills. “When I’m going through trials and tribulations, I deal with it through my music. It doesn’t matter if I’m angry, happy or sad, you’ll hear about it in a song because self-expression through music is important to me.”
Through hard work and sheer determination, Latecia is on track to becoming one of the hottest R&B songwriters and entertainers to grace the presence of the music industry. With so many great songs, I LOVE THE MUSIC will captivate its listeners, bringing them into Latecia’s world to live, love, and feel the music!

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