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Lea JOURDAN from France

Artist History

Lea  jourdan was given birth in 1971, on September the 27th in France, one of the most high reservoirs of culture on the planet ; and thus she couldn't miss it since she was born with artistic potential .Before she chose music when she was 20, since then she also practised dance, drawing and acting she liked also but wasn't so gifted as music .Her teacher mother and physicist step-father, both rather opened to art, were bothered by the dayly nonstop records playing at home : world musics, classical musics, pop musics .

Self-taught from the start, from 1986 to 2001 Lea chose nevertheless to reinforce and assert her talent by attending singing and piano courses, and lectures ( music degree in university ) from which she exploits in her very own way, acquired techniques she appropriated ...Hugely passionate and deeply independant, Lea practised music in many ways : during her adolescence she was the pianist of the Big Band of Bellegarde which shared a night concert with the Michel Petrucciani trio in 1987 during the 1st jazz festival of Gex near Geneva . But Jazz was not enough . So around 20 years old, she went into a singer-pianist in bars and hotels, playing all sorts of music, and giving courses of piano and singing, or else conducting a choir ; much better, but it was not enough either . Finally she realized she wanted to compose her music .

So she dropped everything for 5 years in order to find her own style, her own sound . First result, her album Couloirs : deep french songs designed in a loungy, smoothy, smarty mix of many pop sounds that brings you really cool feelings . Enjoy it ! 

2nd anniversary of album "COULOIRS" launch
POSTED BY: Lea JOURDAN POSTED ON: 15 Apr 2012 06:43 AM

April 2010 .

"Couloirs"  first  album,  mine . 

Personal songs as any first album is.

An electro home studio easy-listening cool sound for over 20 000 listening visits through the Zimbalam european digital plattform.

An anti-cultural acoustic unplugged sound for over 60 intimystic concerts through the undisputed culture town Paris , for a multicultural public who was listening closely, religiously, simply ...

just check it :http://www.myspace.com/music/player?sid=79433289&ac=now

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