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Radio Indy Charts for L'illon:

ALL tracks on her debut album, "Warrior Angel", have hit "#1" in thirteen different music categories as of 04/13/09:

Pop - # 1 "Warrior Angel", #1 "Thief of the Night",#1 "Love Story", #1 "I Wonder", #1"Navigate Me Home,

International - #1 "Warrior Angel", #1 "Smile Once More"

Soft Rock - #1 "Sweet Surrender"

Latin - #1 "Tu Solo Tu (Only You)"

Lounge - #1 "Thief of the Night"

Love Songs - #1 "I Wonder", #1 "Shy Guy"

World - #1 "Sweet Surrender", #1 "Untouchable"

Dance - #1 "Love Story"

Country - #1 "Shy Guy"

Fusion Pop - #1 "Untouchable"

Spanish- #1 "Tu Solo Tu (Only You)"

Advertisement - #1 "Untouchable"

Film Music - #1 "Warrior Angel"


Artist Information
Singer/songwriter L’illon, is a Washington native and the founder of "Lucid Pop", a sub-genre of contemporary pop music. This music has been described by industry insiders as "a class by itself and its own style", and according to ASCAP VP Ralph Murphy, this is "really cool stuff".

"Lucid Pop" is a modern sound that gets one into a unique mood. Turn the music on and the song’s melody will stir the listener's senses. As one fan expressed, "sing along tunes with masterfully effective lyrics, Lucid Pop will not leave your memory". Her timeless tracks provide an optimistic outlook on life and enable people to feel sensual in their own skin.

While studying the works of classical composers (such as Verdi, Chopin, Beethoven, Rimski-Korsakov & Saint Saens) as well as modern songwriters (Prince, Jewel, Sting, U2, and Timbaland) some of whom she identifies as influences, L’illon has crafted a unique approach to music. Her sound strives to openly address the highs and lows of life, portraying these with insight, compassion, and resolution.

L'illon has traveled abroad extensively; spending time in Europe (in places where Bowie and Bono also were inspired), and where she also started studying voice at an early age. Later winning a scholarship to a private university, she completed a master’s degree program in music.

L'illon has turned to songwriting and performing full time and is "blazing her own trail" on the contemporary music scene. Her much awaited full-length album, the first "Lucid Pop" music album ever offered to the public, entitled "Warrior Angel" has been released in November 2008.