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Lucky Mud from Florida Pensacola Panama City
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"Lucky Mud is from the deeper side of Folk Music. The couple have a soulful connection that is palpable, and their ballads are a much needed departure from the cookie cutter, sample-driven fodder currently filling the airwaves. A splendid way to battle the daily grind. "

"Lucky Mud new CD is a showcase of original contemporary folk music - pure down-home Americana, from Mike's beautifully melancholic "Evangeline," to Maggie's wonderful show-closer, "Ride the Pony," But it's the duo's milk-and-honey harmonies that wrap their sound up into one neat pack"
Rice B. RadioIndy




Lucky Mud is Maggie and Mike McKinney. They're primarily singer/songwriters, but absolutely love to tour and play to a live audience.

     Their passion is for the lyric, harmony & originality. From "Florida Swamp" roots music to whiskey blues, Celtic ballads to cowboy yodels, it's all part of a "Mud Show."

Lucky Mud's music is an original, totally unique experience for anyone looking for great lyrics and a strong vocal blend. Their tight harmonies and clear voices carry you through the world of lyric music.They've played concerts from 'The Linenhall Arts Centre' in Castlebar, Ireland, to sandy floored bars in Key West.

As hosts of a very succesful music series, called Americana Sunday at The Martin Theatre, in Panama City, Florida, they introduce amazing singer/songwriters from around the country to a new audience in the Florida Panhandle.

Please join them at luckymudmusic.com

Lucky Mud Blog
  A New Year, already full of shows
POSTED BY: Lucky Mud POSTED ON: 01 Jan 2011 11:47 AM

Thunderstorms on the first day of the year and heavy rain moving in. Dogs are in the pen, the old farmhouse warm and the tin roof musical. Played our own version of New Year's Eve last night at a local restaurant in Panama City, Florida. Gandy's Oyster Bar packed with a wonderful audience waiting for the ball drop which, with Lucky Mud, starts at 7pm with the last drop coming at 9. Each hour we sing Auld Lang Syne and toast the new year, then whoever wants to go home, or somewhere else, drifts out and more drift in, keeping the place packed. At Nine we pack up the guitars and get home before the crazies even finish getting ready for the night.

     You learn some things, given enough time.

     We hope to see you all with this new year....we'll be in Orlando twice in January, then on the road for awhile. Festival of the Rivers in February, The Will McLean Festival in March, road again in April then the Florida Folk Festival the end of May after getting back from a trip to Albequerque to see Johnny Clegg and visit the cliff dwellings. Kerrville brings us into the Summer with its good Texas heat. Let us know where you'll be through the year....we'd love to catch up.

     Mike and Maggie

     Lucky Mud

  Lucky Mud thanks Kurt Vonnegut
POSTED BY: Lucky Mud POSTED ON: 21 Jul 2010 10:19 AM

I was in the military during part of the Vietnam War, though I never had to fight. During that time, I discovered Kurt Vonnegut. Many years later, Maggie and I named our duo Lucky Mud after a line in his book, Cat's Cradle. It says, 'In the beginning, God made mud, and some of it was lucky mud. It got to get up and look around at all the other mud.'

     We feel like the luckiest of mud. We've played festivals with people like Gamble Rogers and Will McLean, shared the stage with Beaucoup Blue from Philadelphia and Sally Spring from North Carolina and so many other brilliant singer/songwriters.

     Maggie and I have played the main stages at the Florida Folk Festival and the Will McLean Festival, and we've stood on Welsh slate, slick with Irish rain that drummed on a 14th century castle near Limerick. We played a concert at the legendary Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Ireland, and stood on the island of Sark in the English Channel, looking out at the lights along the French coast. We've played to cowboys in Bandera, Texas, and to the sons and daughters of coal miners in Newcastle, England. We witnessed a storm as it swept over the ancient circle at Stonehenge and visited the island of Lindesfarne along the wild Northumberland coast of England.

     And it was music that made it all possible. Our love affair with lyrics, our lifetime of writing songs and getting the chance to play them to so many wonderful audiences has opened the world to us. And we're very thankful.

     I'm not sure this is the direction a 'blog' should travel, but it's what I want to say. Dreams can become real, and determination is what breathes life into them. I wanted to write a novel, so I did. I named it A Thousand Bridges, and found an  agent in NYC who got it sold. It received a starred review in Publishers Weekly, and was chosen as one of the top 10 first fiction of the year. I've told so many people since then that if I did it, so could they.

     I have a new agent now, and a couple of books on the street, looking for a home. Maggie and I have an old farmhouse and 7 acres of forest near the wild Gulf of Mexico. Oil men have done their best to break it, destroy it, but the Gulf will outlive them all.

     Lucky Mud has started a third series of live concerts called Americana Sunday, at the beautiful art-deco Martin Theatre in the heart of Panama City, Florida. We've been delighted to present a variety of amazing artists whose original songs have captured the hearts of our audience every Sunday afternoon. All the information on this and other Lucky Mud stuff is at luckymudmusic.com

     I hope you join us there, or here at Maggie's Farm, our little monthly festival at our home near Econfina Creek, north of Panama City. We'd love to have you, love for your to share your music with us.

     Mike and Maggie McKinney

     Lucky Mud

  RadioIndy Has Posted Our Review
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 26 Feb 2010 02:30 PM



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  Lucky Mud and music
POSTED BY: Lucky Mud POSTED ON: 27 Jan 2010 12:27 PM

Sitting here at Maggie's Farm (our 7 acre homestead in the wilds of the Florida Panhandle), looking out at our field of barren pecan trees draped in grey Spanish moss, trying to get a good grasp of the new year. Maggie and I have spent so long writing and performing, that we don't take as much time as we should to practice....just winging it onstage, so to speak.

     So far, along with our radio show on  wkgc.org, and WKGCfm in Panama City, we've played road gigs every weekend, getting home in time to host the radio show. We've had two splendid radio concerts so far - Greg Barnhill (who wrote Walk Away Joe for Trisha Yearwood), and an exciting young band out of North Florida called The New 76ers. Also in the mix, we were auctioned off at a PFLAG fundraiser and played their private party, performed at the Central Florida Highland Games, and will be back at the Florida Folk Festival Memorial Weekend.

     If you live in the North Florida area, and want to get out for a night of music and food - we'll be playing at Gandy's Seafood Restaurant January 30th and The Place (February 13th), both in Panama City. We'll be on the early show on Channel 13 February 12th, too.....so get up early and tune in.

     Long-winded again. I guess I should read some blogs and find out how this should be done. Probably not this method, but I'll learn.

     We'd love to hear from you here, or on our website at luckymudmusic.com


     Mike and Maggie McKinney

     Lucky Mud

  "Live at the Martin Theater, Vol. 1" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 22 Jan 2010 08:15 PM

Recorded live from the Martin Theater in Panama City (FL) for public radio station WKGC, Lucky Mud’s latest CD is a showcase of original contemporary folk music that’s pure down-home Americana. With only acoustic guitar backing, husband and wife duo Mike and Maggie McKinney trade off lead vocal duties over the course of 16 songs that range from Mike’s beautifully melancholic “Evangeline,” to Maggie’s wonderful show-closer, “Ride the Pony.” Opening with the infectious “Radio Intro,” a short ditty for the host station that’s a throw-back to old-time live radio programs, Lucky Mud sets the tone for a set long on heartfelt narratives of simple joys and bittersweet truths. Maggie’s “Mississippi Queen,” with its bluesy refrain, and Mike’s “Born to Honky-Tonk,” a Jerry Jeff Walker-ish tune complete with yodels, hint at Lucky Mud’s musical reach, but it’s the duo’s milk-and-honey harmonies – as on the aching ballad, “Silver Spoon” – that wraps their sound up into one neat package. Presumably the 1st of a series, Lucky Mud’s “Live at the Martin Theater, Vol. 1” CD is a terrific mix of tuneful and meaningful folk songs as rich as the American musical traditions they reflect.

-Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
Check out Lucky Mud's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

  New Cd Blast from RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 20 Jan 2010 06:03 PM

Lucky Mud : Live at the Martin Theatre, Vol. 1

 Lucky Mud: Live at the Martin Theatre, Vol. 1
16 original songs from Lucky Mud in front of a live audience, with the radio intro heard on WKGC fm. Genre: Folk: Progressive Folk Release Date: 2009

  Lucky Mud and the New Year
POSTED BY: Lucky Mud POSTED ON: 27 Dec 2009 11:20 AM

Never tried a blog before but I guess it's the case of "hold my beer and watch this."

     Lucky Mud's had a busy year. While at the Florida Folk Festival last May, we got a phone call asking us to host a radio show with a live audience at the art-deco Martin Theatre in Panama City, Florida. With a 10 week show we had the chance to introduce a lot of great musicians and singer/songwriters to NW Florida.

     Now, we've been given another 7 weeks starting in January, 2010, and we have an incredible Sunday afternoon lineup, including Greg Barnhill from Nashville and Eric Taylor from Texas...Eric's just back from a successful European tour and his song, Whooping Crane, is on Lyle Lovett's brand new CD. We also have three fantastic bands - The New 76ers, The Mayhaws and Highway 19, and we end the season on February 28th with Beaucoup Blue from Philadelphia.

     Then it's on to a couple of Celtic festivals and a return to both the Will McLean Festival and the Florida Folk Festival before starting a new Summer radio series again streamed worldwide on wkgc.org. Our own little festival on our 7 acre farm, called Maggie's Farm, is still going strong and we have plans to have a new music barn finished by late Spring.

     How's that for a first blog? Too stuffy?...somebody help me learn to do this stuff. Thanks.

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