» Thing to Thing


Oooh. I want to be the star

In the movie of my life,

A Blockbuster Tearjerker Comedy,

Its not because I’m vain,

Or hungry for the fame (oh Mitch)

Its just that there is so much you can learn from me.

Ya see, I’ve done everything

Now I’m gonna sing

Bout going from thing to thing,

To thing to thing to thing,

I got married young. Listen up now,

Thought we were having fun,

Had two kids on the run,

Husband number one was done. And then,

Husband three followed two,

I thought, hey more kids that’s the thing to do.

I gathered quite a few.

Husband three and four were through.

12345678 kids.. oi.. what a mess.

12345678 grandkids - did I mention this?

I lived on hope lived on tips.

I used my head. I used my hips.

Loved a lot, cried a bit,

- an interesting trip

12345678 kids - what a motivating mess.

12345678 grandkids - but I digress.

Thing to thing to thing,  

I’ve done everything,

Learnin’ how to swing,

Going thing to thing to thing to thing,

Thing to thing to thing,

Oh and one more thing.