» Still Thing to Thing


I want to be in charge get some money a new start,

A job worth enough to remove the fear,

But every time I work my children fall apart.

So I quit and move on to the next career.

 I was chasing jobs and running after money – while gaining a myriad of skills – including channeling spirits – when I found myself stirred by the sound of Native American music. Ya know so I danced naked under a blanket alone in my room – I watched the shadows on the wall as I danced and meditated over candles in search of sanity. Maybe that’s why my children didn’t bring a lot of friends home during this period. Cause I was dancing and swaying and praying that Stephen Spielberg would spot me dancing naked in the window as he wandered through the suburbs of Ajax Ontario Canada. You know offer me fame and fortune. Hey… it could happen! I just wanted to be saved.

 12345678 kids.. uh what a mess.

1234567800 bills to address.

 Thing to thing to thing,

Solving everything,

While I’m balancing,

Going thing to thing to thing.

 12345678 kids what a motivating mess.

1234567 800 deals to finesse!

 I’ve done everything,

Just wishing I could sing,

While performing,

Going thing to thing to thing to thing,

From thing to thing to thing,

Oh and one more thing –