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I had to pay the bills somehow

 I know you can’t see me – just imagine I’m making a move like  a pole dancer – that’s your clue. I wasn’t a pole dancer – yet! I was -

 Movie extra

Oozing with talent but nobody knew

Movie extra

My debut

 Arriving on the movie set and what did I find,

George Peppard and Lee Majors first come to mind – oh wait –

Sir you look confused - they’re a couple of old actors from the olden days –

Oops – I was really young at the time!

Did a scene with Billie D he started to preach,

I got so into it I ruined his speech.

 See what happened was the director told me to – really get involved – be a part of the movie – ya that was his first mistake.  I was oohing and ahing and really throwing myself into the role of crowd extra. I held back nothing. So it was Billie D William’s close-up. He was saying something to the jury about being on a fast moving train’. Wanting to be “involved” I jumped up and shouted “But Billy trains have breaks!” (CUT! WHAT EXTRA SAID THAT?) OOPS!... again. According to Billy that was the director’s second mistake … ya know cause he made everybody stare at me …  ya - that was nice.

 Movie extra,

Oozing with talent but nobody knew,

Movie extra,

My debut.

 Oh Billy silly Billy trains have breaks …. And hey Guys did you hear how talented I was? … That’s the day my career peaked. I’ve been trying to get back to that level of recognition ever since.