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MK Ultra from Wales
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Artist History

Background: John Evans grew up in the small rural town of Denbigh in North Wales and after finishing school and Art college embarked on an album debut with his school friends Alan and Linda Thompson under management contract with the Windings recording studio home to resident drummer Steve Washington of Take That fame and other work with artistes such as Lisa stansfield who sessioned on the album ‘Magicman E.P.’. After many happy years working and gigging with the band Redhill it finally split in the late 90`s. John endeavoured to carry on under the new name ‘The MK Band introducing Cookie Baker on keys and Jan Beck on drums who had worked with the band before and with artistes such as Jon Heismen. The resulting album ‘Getting there’ was never commercially released but had a very positive response from the community. After graduating from Harlech Music college and embarking on his degree at Chester University John worked on and released his self produced album ‘Life on a Hawaiian beach; in 2007 under the band name MK Ultra. Life on a Hawaiian beach: The album is a collection of recordings made as and when the opportunities arose with some old friends and college buddies appearing on the album. Many of the tracks were recorded in entirety at his home near Denbigh and it is a personal journey of love lost and found and a journey of self, thru recovery noteable examples would be the songs ‘Rosemary’ and ‘I`ll be gone’.

MK Ultra Blog
  "Life on a Hawaiian Beach" reviewed by Josh B. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: samid1471 POSTED ON: 21 May 2007 09:51 AM
On "Life on a Hawaiian Beach", MK Ultra and John Evans really show that they can create songs for chilling out. The acoustic guitars and cool lyrics put you in a mood to just hang out, go on a long drive, or sit on the beach with your headphones. The guitar work and songwriting on the CD are especially impressive. On the track "Gypsy Road", an awesome sounding electric guitar resembles the cries of a whale. We love the acoustic guitar licks on "Magictown." If you enjoy Steven Stills you will love MK Ultra. Make sure to get your copy today.-Josh B.. for RadioIndy
Check out MK Ultra's music on RadioIndy.com with link to purchase and links to popular sites

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