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MONTY the SpacePoet from Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Artist History

"...His blending of familiar rock stylings with a unique flavor that makes this his own brand of rock music is intriguing..."

- Guestlist Magazine

"...His new EP, Rock Stars Don't Eat Cookies is a little bit rock, a little bit punk, and fairly genre-defiant...it's pretty good..."

- BerkeleyPlaceBLOG.com

Monty is a indie singer-songwriter and composer of indie rock music, and hails from the rolling green hills and blue skies of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

His unique blend of the classic rock, punk, and acoustic singer-songwriter genres creates a brand of indie rock music that is completely original and absolutely modern.

Monty creates and composes solo singer-songwriter material, intense acoustic rock songs, and a form of heavy-hitting power-pop-rock that is indeed a very unique type of indie rock music.

He is currently promoting two EPs: the acoustic singer-songwriter EP Acoustic Resurrection released in 2006, and the electric indie rock EP Rock Stars Don't Eat Cookies released in 2009. Both EPs are getting airplay on Internet radio stations like Live365.com, ClearChannel, and many more.

Currently, Monty is composing new songs and rehearsing for his next EP, tentatively titled The Lion.

Website: www.SpacePoet.com

MySpace: www.MySpace.com/MontyRocks

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TheSpacePoet

iTunes: www.MontyRocksiTunes.com

Amazon: www.MontyRocksAmazon.com

Jango.com: www.Jango.com/artists/MontyTheSpacePoet

Last.FM: www.last.fm/music/MONTY+(the+SpacePoet)

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