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Seventeen year old Londyn Marie Goines was born on October 7, in Cleveland Ohio to parents Leonard and Brenda Goines. Growing up, she was surrounded by musicians and singers in her family. Her mother, a church soloist, always sang around the house. Harmonizing anything from the ABC’s to Whitney Houston to gospel music, Brenda, Londyn, and her younger sister Laurien would pass the time doing chores by filling the house with music and song. As Londyn grew older she assisted her mother in leading Sunday Morning Worship at her church home, further encouraging her passion for music.

At the age of nine Brenda, and Leonard realized their daughter’s love for and talent in music. Running her fingers up and down the piano keys for hours on end daily, Londyn picked up the piano quickly, and decided after hearing Alicia Keys’ hit song “Fallin’” on the radio and seeing her uncle swiftly move his fingers along the keys that she would sing and play the piano also. Growing up, the artists she admired most and still do are Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, and Michael Jackson. Londyn is always found singing or dancing, she never minds the spotlight. Among her many performances the most recent was at The ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME MUSEUM in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Londyn is passionate about her music and is always seeking to excell in what she does. She walks in humilty and has much love and appreciation for her fans.