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Maini Sorri from Sweden

Artist History

Maini Sorri is an artist with Finnish background who has been living in Sweden the biggest part of her life. She has composed music since 8 years old. Her first compositions were for piano, but as a songwriter and a singer she made a breakthrough. Maini writes music and lyrics under a strong inspiring spirit, and this is why her songs are very genuine. Listening to her music reveals that Maini has her own style.

Maini has performed her own songs in concerts and on radio and TV. Her songs are beautiful and melodious. She has a clear and beautiful voice and has studied songs by several eminent song teachers. She also has studied music theory and composing and her education is Bachelor of Arts from Swedish Music Academy. Maini has also worked in several years as a song and piano teacher in Sweden. Maini always co-operates with eminent professional musicians and technicians when it comes to recording her songs.

Mainis songs are often played on TV6, USA and on radio in Canada. Mainis songs have been on radios playlists in Sweden, Finland, Latvia and Estonia and have been played on radio in Japan and England. Maini has lots of listeners and fans throughout the world that listen to her songs on the global web radio Last.fm.

Maini has participated on song contests on Swedish Radio. She won the monthly contest on demo.cdon.com in Sweden 2008 four times in a row. In July 2008 she became both number 1, 2 and 3. She was month after month number 1 on a toplist of the Swedish music web site Allears with 31000 Swedish artists 2008.

Many newspapers have written about Mainis career and she has also been interviewed about her career on Swedish TV-news and on TV6, USA.
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