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Mark Joyce from Massachusetts

Artist History

....just one of those people compelled to write and record three minute songs. These tracks feature Ed Morrill (tinyHUGE) on drums & Rich Pepin (Surprise Party) on bass.
For those who's ears crave "Different".
This long time pop music aficionado dabbles in home cooking, and has baked up a pretty interesting batch of audio snackage.
Songwriter Mark Joyce has been quietly fine-tuning three minute soundscapes in his remote subterranean studio for many years. Assisted by long time co-conspirators Ed Morrill (Drums-Percussion),Rich Pepin (Bass), and with the fortunate participation on a casual basis by Bob Enik & Tom Lally(Guitars, along with guest appearances by Phil Calson, Mike Hennrikus and others.
He has been a fortunate beneficiary of group chemistry and a series of inspirational muses. Assisted by the Lake Arcadia Sonic Research Team he continues to create, refine and produce interesting stereo product..
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Press Release
POSTED BY: gr8trax POSTED ON: 14 Jun 2009 11:15 PM
GR8TRAX Music Media proudly announces the release of "The Best Of tinyHUGE", a 21 track compilation of their finest work. This collection features an amazing selection of recordings culled from the four original discs and highlights performances by drummer Ed Morrill and the guitar stylings of Tom Lally and Bob Enik. This obscure ensemble has a catalog of songs that cover a wide variety of genres, from soft ballads to searing acid tinged metal, experimental alternative to straight up Rock & Roll. There are special guest appearances by bassist Mike Hennrikus and harmonica legend Phil Calson. As a bonus the classic "Almost Christmastime" is included. "Twenty One amazing experiences on one disc!", exclaimed singer/songwriter Mark Joyce, "What a bucket of entertainment." The Best of tinyHUGE is available now @ Amazon, Lala, Napster, Tradebit, Apple iTunes, Spotify, GreatIndieMusic, Didiom, and wherever fine downloads are sold. For more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/m86b9q

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