Mark Joyce
Image: ....just one of those people compelled to write and record three minute songs. These tracks feature Ed Morrill (tinyHUGE) on drums & Rich Pepin (Surprise Party) on bass.
For those who's ears crave "Different".
This long time pop music aficionado dabbles in home cooking, and has baked up a pretty interesting batch of audio snackage.
Songwriter Mark Joyce has been quietly fine-tuning three minute soundscapes in his remote subterranean studio for many years. Assisted by long time co-conspirators Ed Morrill (Drums-Percussion),Rich Pepin (Bass), and with the fortunate participation on a casual basis by Bob Enik & Tom Lally(Guitars, along with guest appearances by Phil Calson, Mike Hennrikus and others.
He has been a fortunate beneficiary of group chemistry and a series of inspirational muses. Assisted by the Lake Arcadia Sonic Research Team he continues to create, refine and produce interesting stereo product..