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variah from Denmark
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Artist History

Martin Winslow is a Composer and Producer whose music has been featured in TV, Commercials, Radio, Film and Multimedia platforms across the globe.

His clients/credits include Zepto Computers, Sit And Be Fit with Mary Ann Wilson, Alfaview Plasmascreen,
Hi Zlatna Groznica, Light n´ Vision, Rediscovering The Americas with Aimee Arnold, Simone´s, Kaminsky Productions, Fredsøe Copenhagen Design, Radio Finland, Police Sunglasses, DRB Systems LLC, Ecstasy Records and El Cine Production among many others.

Martin´s work spans many genres, including Classical, Rock, Pop, Dance, Techno, Metal, Jazz and Progressive.
He played a key role in forming bands like Planet Nolak, Spanish Connection, Helix and VariaH.

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