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McManaman Songs from Missouri Kansas City Independence

Artist History

Found on CD Baby & www.TheBmn.com Song "Regina" Cashbox Indie Country Picks #1 Song "I Want To Spread My Wings" Cashbox Indie Country Picks #1 Song "I Ain't Mr Perfect" Cashbox Indie Country Picks #1 First Country Indie song played on the Nashville Country Countdown Radio COUNTRY Reviewed 04-01-08 Ron McManaman AKA Ron Mack True as: Rain and Running Water Cashbox Magazine has voted (3) Ron Mack songs #1. "Regina" and "I Want To Spread My Wings" "I Ain't Mr Perfect" All three songs are available on this latest release. We didn’t pick these songs by accident, Ron’s ability to write lyrics makes him stand out at the top of the Indie Country Artists that are currently being heard on IAC music.

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Ron McManaman

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