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Michael Treatch from Arizona

Artist History

Best Of Michael Treatch CD (2011) Featuring 10 songs from 3 CD's, 2003 - 2010. Four live classics from Michael Treatch Live. Anesthetized, recorded live at AZ Mills Mall, during the Super Webstars Competition 2006. Steady Blowing Breeze, The Same Somehow, It Gets Me Through, recorded live for the DVD at Undici Undici in 2003. Michael's love of live music and a fat cat named Summy paved the way for future musical projects.

In 2007, a pig with attitude and a leather jacket exposed us to Michael's Hoodlum Pig. Realizing he had worked up quite a thirst, the hoodlum pig made haste to the nearest pub. Arriving at the bar, he swiftly ordered a shot of whiskey and a brew, as hoodlum pigs often do. Beer clenched in hand, the hoodlum pig moved toward the stage. His ears perked upright, becoming alert to what he was hearing.....

Inspired By A Spaced Out Co-Worker brought us an unpredictable mix of rock, pop and country dumped into a blender and poured onto a steaming Arizona sidewalk. This 2010 release featured Michael Treatch recording as a full band. Cat On A Rope, a country drinking song favorite and the hit Freaky Little Freak gained popularity on You Tube with a sing along video and a tragic freaky love song theme.
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