Mike Gurzi
Image: mikeplaying02..jpg Mike began his musical studies at age 10 during his elementary school days. He played the violin in the school orchestra and the drums in the school band. As a teenager, Mike began playing the guitar and has embarked on what has become 30 plus years of guitar studies. In 1982, Mike completed his degree in Music from Long Beach City College and participated in the commercial music program as a guitar player in the Jazz Band. During that time, Mike studied flatpick guitar privately, and was introduced to the playing styles of his earliest influences, Doc Watson, Clarence White and Tony Rice.
In 1992, Mike became involved within his local church community and played guitar as a member of his worship team. He would go on to lead the team as the musical director for the next 10 years. Mike conducted weekly worship music services, community events, workshops and seasonal concerts both as a soloist and a band member.

In 2003, Mike returned to his bluegrass flatpicking roots and began attending several local jams, workshops and music camps from the Roanoke Bluegrass weekend, Kaufman Acoustic Kamps, Yellowstone Music Camp, Nashville Guitar Academy and the Colorado Roots Music Camp. He has had the privilege to meet, pick with, and study with many of his mentors and world famous flatpickers such as, Mike Dowling, David Grier, Jack Lawrence, John Carlini, Russ Barenberg, Brad Davis, Pat Flynn and Tim May.

In 2007, Mike returned to his passion for academic study and completed a Masters Certificate in Guitar from the prestigious online Berklee School of Music. Mike now teaches guitar and plays in the Los Angeles area.