Mike Short Jr
Image: MSJ0031.jpg

I was raised in the small town of Ottsville, Pennsylvania. However, my most influential and memorable experiences lay in the quaint town on Hoopers Island, Maryland. It was on this island, where I began writing poetry of Bald Eagles in flight-the place where I remember the smell of sweet salty air. Being in that place is where I truly begun to value the importance of family, heritage and pride. Growing up, I chose to spend most of my time with family. I was different than most of my peers, and I felt it at a young age. I never needed to prove who I was or pretend to be who I wasn’t. I began singing at age 11 in karaoke clubs throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Poetry quickly turned into song lyrics. As a sophomore at Pennridge High School, I was the underdog who claimed first prize in the singing competition. Before graduation, I made a demo cd to send out with my college applications. It’s the old story of this person- who gave a copy to this person, who handed it off to another person, which led me down the road to Nashville. In April of 2009, my first album “Blame It On Me” was complete. This CD is a mixture of traditional and alternative country. I made my debut as a songwriter on the tunes “Glass Bottles” and “This Songs For Her”. I can’t say that I write completely from experience, but mostly from inspiration. I’ve been told my voice sounds older than my years. In the fall of 2009, I began my freshman year at Middle Tennessee State University, and set about forming my current backing band, StateWide. By that Spring I began performing at local venues in Murfreesboro, Cookeville, Russellville, Knoxville and recently began breaking into the Nashville market. I’ve played Pennsylvania markets of Huntingdon, Philadelphia, Doylestown and Bethlehem, down through Maryland in Cecil, Baltimore, Snow Hill, Berlin and Ocean City as well as a rodeo in Connecticut. I don’t know where my future may take me. However, I have chosen a path to follow. My dreams are to continue writing songs that not only make you want to sing along, but that connect to a crowd emotionally, leaving a lasting impact. I hope to perform on even bigger stages in front of larger audiences. My goal is to succeed in what I love to do, not forgetting where I came from, but using it as the foundation that has made me the musician I am today.