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MilesPikeMusic from Texas
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   You know, being raised in a Christian family, it's often hard to draw the line between that which the Holy Spirit leads you to do, and that which your parents choose for you. How often have I heard the story of how I trusted Christ as a 3-year old while riding down the road in the truck with my Dad? Did I trust Christ then? I don't remember. It was later, as a boy, that I remember accepting my parents' faith as my own, believing in Christ personally. Not really knowing any other atmosphere in my life, a love for gospel songs and the hymns of the church was very natural to me. By the time I was 9, they couldn't shut me up singing, and I began to do specials in church often with my Mom, who had also sung since she was a girl. Now, my Dad had been telling me for years that this thing called puberty was coming, and that it would change my voice, among other things. As it turns out, even he didn't know how right he was. When I was 12, in the span of 2 weeks, my voice changed from the high soprano child voice I'd had to a low bass man voice. Like a kid with a new toy, I spent hours every day playing with my new voice, and by the age of 14, I had reclaimed my tenor voice and had a 5-octave singing range.

   My family has always been a story telling bunch, and I've heard all my life the story of how I was born legally blind with crossed eyes, and had to have surgery at 15 months old because of some hard to explain, and even harder to spell eye conditions that were basically non-hereditary flukes. I've heard Mom, probably 100 times, tell the story of how after that surgery, her baby was crying blood out of his eyes instead of tears. (Sidenote: I don't do that anymore.) I've heard all my life that I was a case study. My eye conditions were so rare that I spent the first 12 years of my life with various eye doctors trying to figure out exactly what was going on in my head. At concerts people still tell me that I should see doctors to find out what's going on in my head. I'm not quite sure what they mean by that. Having known no other kind of vision, I gave it very little thought, never associating the frequent migraines I had with my impaired vision, and compensating to the point that nobody around me knew how limited my vision really was. I got a part time job as a DJ at a local radio station, KBJS, at 15, and eagerly looked forward to getting my drivers license at 16. But at the age of 16, when I began to study for my driving exam, my parents and I were shocked with the reality of just how little I could see. It was a blow to realize that I would always be bound to ride with someone else, and that I would always be dependent on someone else. I guess you could say reality sank in. To describe what I have seen my whole life: neither of my eyes are capable of any side-to-side movement. My right eye is completely blind except that it can detect some light. My left eye has no peripheral vision -- it is tunnel vision, somewhat like always having a telescope to your eye. 

   As an act of faith, Mom and Dad invested in my passion, in what they could see that I loved and wanted to do: when I was 18, after graduating high school, they paid for my first summer at Stamps-Baxter School of Music in Nashville. During those two weeks, I had an intense introduction to what a huge job lay before me - how to hear parts, music theory, vocal training and performance, and the business aspects of ministry. There was more taught in those two weeks than I could possibly absorb. I came home and spent hours applying the lessons learned. I went to the school for 8 years in a row, coming home each time to practice what I had learned for the year until the next school. 

   Looking back, it was after 4 years at the school, in October 2006, that I began this singing ministry. The first door opened at one little church a day's drive away. We went and sang to a tiny group of people, realistically, expecting to go in the hole in order to minister there. That was the first time out of hundreds of times since then that I saw God meet my need through His people. And after that, the doors just started opening. I didn't have any CDs, and it wasn't my own booking efforts that were making the difference. I sang anywhere and everywhere the Lord opened the door -- fundraisers, storefront windows, cow pastures, funerals, food courts, biker rallies, even bar mitzvahs. Ok, so I didn't sing at bar mitzvahs… but I would have. Martha and I do this now as our full time living, but it's a ministry first and foremost for both of us, so we make it a practice not to demand or ask for 'x' amount up front. The Lord has always taken care of us through His people.

   One of the biggest blessings in my life has been the Lord providing for me just the helpmeet I needed in my wife, Martha. It was July 2006 when I first saw her at the music school in Nashville. I didn't believe in love at first sight until it happened to me. Neither one of us had ever dated or been in love. We made a pledge when we started dating one another in July 2010 that we would save our first kiss for our wedding day. We were married December 19 of that same year in my hometown of Jacksonville in East Texas. We live on the hill on which I grew up, and on which generations of my family have lived. Martha spent the majority of her life in and around the Atlanta, GA area, but was born a Yankee up in Michigan. While I am an only child, she is one of eight, and I have been so blessed to gain not just her, but a whole family of siblings … while not ever having to wear hand-me-downs. Because of my blindness, my family had to pull together to get me to concerts, no matter what state they were in. Since our marriage, I've been abundantly blessed to travel with not only the prettiest girl living, but my best friend, pianist, website designer, chauffeur, joke-tester, shrewdest critic and wisest counselor.

   One of my favorite verses comes from the second chapter of Philippians: "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure." Part of that 'working out your own salvation' is actual labor in a chosen profession. So I do work hard and put my best foot forward with the knowledge and abilities that I have on hand, but I know that all results, rewards, and fruits, are produced by God. We may sow and water all day long, but God gives the increase. That doesn't mean that I stop knocking on doors, making phone calls, working in the office, honing my gift, studying Scripture, album production, and doing everything else that goes along with my profession. I see the time, opportunities, and talents given me as gifts from God that are meant to be used to the fullest. I rejoice in the growth of this ministry, as yet another expression of the grace of God toward me, not as something I have earned or done, but as something which God has entrusted to me, and has given the grace to do. 

   My mission is to sing and preach the truth of Scripture in any venue in which the Lord opens the door. I believe that the Word of God is divinely inspired truth, and that it alone, through the power of the Spirit of God, can bring about true conversion and repentance in the unconverted, and growth and maturity in the body of Christ. This being the case, much more than I commit myself to study and work at my music, I commit myself to study this one bastion of truth, and to preach it without reservation to all who will hear. Essentially, I want to produce Biblically sound music and preaching in concerts that will convict the unsaved of their sin, God's righteousness, and coming judgement, and that will **** the hearts of believers to live what they profess so that they will bring forth fruit and make disciples.

MilesPikeMusic Blog
  Walk Through The Pages
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 18 Mar 2012 11:30 AM

Highly talented vocalist, Miles Pike, releases a spectacular Spiritual album, “Walk Through The Pages,” dedicated to his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. This beautiful album is comprised of uplifting and reflective lyrics set to Pike’s favorite Bible stories. He has spent many years writing these sweet melodies and his work really shines with a magnitude of sacred devotion. Opening up the album the song, “Through The Pages,” sets the story of this CD with a wonderful style and grace. “Teach Me To Love Like That,” is a song of kindness, patience, and forgiveness as Pike sings this lovely song with emotive expression. Another song, “The Tomb Is Empty,” tells a poetic story of hope and how life is precious now and eternally. If you like Spiritual songs that are flavored with warm Country charm then you will thoroughly enjoy the outstanding songs on the album, “Walk Through The Pages.”

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