» Broken Hearted



When  we first did meet - we were king and queen of the ball

When you left town I knew we were headed for a fall

I followed you home that night - you said just go away

I knocked on your door - but I couldn't even stay

Chorus:I'm so broken hearted - that we parted

I'm so broken hearted, broken herated over you


I called you yesterday to try and smooth things out

You spoke a few words and you didn't have to shout

I wish that you'd listen - I wish that you'd hear

When you walked into the room - you wouldn't let me near




I saw you in his car - your affection plain to see

This new toy intrigues you - with him you'd rather be

I still tried to talk with you the other night

You said you didn't love me now leave without a fight



You'll call me tomorrow to say you have the blues

You'll call me tomorrow to say you have good news

Your new beau did leave you - your new beau did lie

You'll say that you love me and I'll say bye-bye

Then you'll be...