Mobetta Loretta
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Winner at the Los Angeles Music Awards in November 2006, Mobetta Loretta received Folk Rock Artist of the Year for the song "Wish U Were Here." This singer/songwriter hailing from New Mexico is an authentic folk/blues/country/roots artist who takes you back to a time when music had feeling and depth. Armed with her guitar and a voice that evokes the sweet soulfulness of Emmylou Harris, Jewel and Fiona Apple, Loretta Chacon, A.K.A. Mobetta Loretta stirs and prods her listeners with lyrics kissed by life’s chapped lips. This is not background noise. This is a sound that tickles your ears, beguiling you like a mythical Siren to come a little closer until you look down and realize that you have been tied to the mast of fandom by her lyrics.

Whether she is singing about the purity of childhood innocence (making mud pies and swinging on the swing set while yucca stalks, like soldiers, stand guard) or the realities of war (“ain’t good for nothing ‘cept for filling up a grave”), Mobetta Loretta seems familiar, telling us where we all have been, and like a sage, telling us where we should be headed; but, in a manner refreshingly not overwhelmed by self-importance. You should listen.

Mobetta Loretta’s audience appeal has played to the tune of a wide array of audiences including, young and old, looking for honesty and sincerity in music. Her broad influences ranging from folk to country and jazz have shown a multi-faceted gem, with unique brilliance.