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Morrow-Miles from Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Artist History

MORROW-MILES PRODUCTIONS  Morrow-Miles Productions, formed in 2002, is a Songwriting duet consisting of Mr. Dean A. Morrow, Sr., and Ms. Ruth E. Scott-Miles. They are also Music Producers, Recording Artists, On-stage Performers, Music Publishers, and Record Label Owners. Ruth E. Scott-Miles’ first CD, entitled “Did You Call My Name Lord”, released in 2001, was an up-tempo gospel single. The CD had received air-time on radio station WDAS AM in Philly, Pa. It was also sold in two Tower Records Music Stores, CLC Book Store, Sound City Records, and Treasure of the Heart Music Stores, USA, in Philadelphia and Melrose Park, Pa. Ruth was the Songwriter, Musician, Music Arranger, Director, Producer, and Song Publisher of the song. Dean A. Morrow, Sr.’ first significant CD effort, entitled “Better Than Ever” & released in 2004, was a tribute to The Intruders. Twelve of the fourteen songs included in the CD were written by Gamble-Huff, McFadden & Whitehead and others, while Dean wrote one entitled “A Big Mistake”. The other song was penned by Ruth & Dean, entitled “Man To Woman”. The songs were recorded by his singing group Phyllies Intruders, of which he is a member & its‘ CEO. Also, Dean was the Director, Vocal Arranger, Co-Publisher, & Executive Producer of the “Better Than Ever” CD. Although the CD received no major air-time, it sold well at live show venues following a Phyllies Intruders concert performance. Morrow-Miles was introduced to the public and interviewed by Cristina, the Talk Show Host on WNJC1360.com, in February, 2007. The topic was solely devoted to the CD we were completing, and we shared with the radio listeners various songs included in the CD as well as some of the steps we were taking to enable the release of the CD. Morrow-Miles’ newly released CD in April, 2008 entitled “Your Grace & Mercy”, is a gospel treat which features several up & coming artists……The Jones Family, El Phant Eure, & Asia Monique along with various veteran artists, including Ruth & Dean. The music, primarily written by Ms. Scott-Miles, covers multiple idioms ranging from R & B, Jazz, Country, traditional & modern contemporary Gospel. This exceptional CD begins with “The Philadelphia County Assistance Office” Choir, who presents seven singers on the first cut entitled “Take Your Stand (I Have the Victory)”, and ends with Dean A. Morrow’s rendition of “We Are The People”. The CD is available at the following locations & sites: * CLC Book Center’s two locations: * 7700 Crittenden Street, Market Square Shopping Center, Philadelphia, Pa, 19118, Tel. # 215.242.4790 * 730 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19106, Tel. # 215.922.6868 * Sound of Market Street -15 S. 11th Street, (2nd floor), Philadelphia, Pa., 19107, Tel. # 215.925.3150, or E-mail: Jazsound@earthlink.net * Www.cdbaby/com: (go to search….type Morrow-Miles {Artist Name} or Your Grace & Mercy {Album Title}, then click bottom search button. * Www.digstation.com/Morrow-Miles (on-line download for individual song or entire CD). * Apple I-Tunes…………Search for Morrow-Miles or Your Grace & Mercy * Morrow-Miles-215.432.6552 (Dean Morrow) &/or 215.850.0246 (Ruth Miles)
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