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Mosaic Nation from Pennsylvania Philadelphia

Artist History

Mosaic Nation is an expression. An expression of diversity, knowledge, dreams, passion and strength weaved meticulously together with sound and dimension. Taking you into the depths of groove and guts with beauty and grace. Blade Thornton is a veteran of the Philadelphia music scene. The lead vocalist of Kicking Daylight, his musical roots lay heavily in varied dimensions of rock and soul. Perceived as a guitar virtuoso, his style is distinct and recognizable. Cynthia Bennett; a distinguished bass extraordinaire. Style variating from old school rock/metal to the deep parallels of jazz. Also of the Philadelphia music scene, her goal to revolutionize the instrument's role. In other words, Bass Rules! New to the lineup is the hard hitter Duncan McKee on drums. The former drummer of Quick Addiction is a welcome addition to the Nation! His timings and rythems are sure to spice things up and give the music a pair of big brass balls! Well fans here it is, after a short stint with us Amber didn't work out on vocals. So we are proud to announce the newest member Brian Nolan. Brian will be playing guitar and Blade will move to vocals, thus completing our lineup! Brian comes to us from Ready Set Fight also best known for his work in Charlies Candy store. Truely a remarkable guitarist and we are glad to have him aboard.
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