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Music by Mommies from New York

Artist History

Michele Purcell, keyboardist, singer and songwriter, is a graduate of Muhlenberg College where she majored in communications and minored in music. Before becoming a mom, she worked in the music industry for a large record company. She also has performed solo and in bands for many years. Michele has two young boys on the autistic spectrum and she and her husband often use music to motivate them to perform their everyday activities. She thought that if music motivated her sons, it would do so for other children as well. She met Barbara after placing an ad for a lyricist on the internet, and they formed a partnership and a friendship.

Barbara Fine Buxbaum is a published writer and lyricist who holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Chicago. She has previously worked in the areas of marketing communications, healthcare and human services and is the mother of an active little boy and girl. Barbara's passion for writing, music and children compelled her to answer Michele's request for a songwriting partner. She believes that music is a useful tool in guiding her own children each day and hopes that the songs she and Michele create will lighten the lives of other children and the people who care for them.


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"Songs for your Busy Day" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 27 Dec 2009 05:06 PM

Music by Mommies and their motivating children/family album, “Songs for your Busy Day” will have your kids energized in no time to do their daily routines. This CD was written and produced by talented musicians/moms Michele Purcell and Barbara Fine Buxbaum who know just how hard it can be to encourage children to keep an everyday schedule. Together, they have written lyrics and melodies of Folk/Pop style so that each song displays a fun, cheerful, and positive message while learning at the same time. Right from the start, the first song, “Get Up” wakes up the sleepy child from bed as the sound of an alarm rings so he can get ready for school. The march like drum beat of “We’re Going” will have the kids moving out the door in a timelier and faster manner and reminding them to not forget to put on their shoes and bring a coat. Ending the album, the song “Sleep,” is a sweet and tender tune that will let your child settle down and unwind from the busy day. “Songs for your Busy Day” is a fun and interactive album of educational learning that all children/families will love to listen to.

- Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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Music by Mommies : Songs for your Busy Day

Music by Mommies: Songs For Your Busy Day
Appealing to both children and adults, the combination of motivating folk/pop/jazz music and clever lyrics are designed to guide children through their daily activities like getting dressed and cleaning up.
Genre: Kids/Family: Children's Pop Release Date: 2007

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