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OT VINTA! from Ukraine

Artist History

The band "OT VINTA!" got together in 1994 in Rivne, Western Ukraine. The styles their music is closest to are rockabilly and psychobilly. From the very start, "OT VINTA!" sang in Ukrainian. That was pretty unique back then, given that most rockabilly and psychobilly bands the world over - Ukraine included - sang in English, thinking that no other language was good for the style. But the guys from Rivne broke the mould and what is more, started a style of their own, called ukrabilly – an energetic blend of rock-n-roll drive with surf, blues and country tunes, flavored with Ukrainian folk music. Another interesting thing about the band is that instead of the unwieldy double bass "OT VINTA!" uses the kozabass, a traditional Ukrainian instrument. No one else has been known to use the kozabass in rock.

In 1994-99, "OT VINTA!" toured all over Ukraine, performing in clubs and at open-air venues. Their first recorded songs appeared in the compilation "The First Ukrainian Rockabilly Front", where "OT VINTA!" was the only band singing in Ukrainian. The song "You said we were going to listen to some rockabilly on Sunday" became a hit both in Ukraine and Russia.

1999 saw the band’s first concert in Moscow, Russia. The same year, "OT VINTA!" was named Ukraine’s best rock-group at "This Season’s Pearls" music festival. Next year, the band made its first trip to Poland to play gigs in Warsaw and to perform at the folk & rock festivals. Now OT VINTA! is the best known Ukrainian band at the music market in Poland. "OT VINTA!" toured more actively at home and abroad, and today the band is fairly popular in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, and Russia for its club performances and festival appearances.

The band’s discography includes two albums - "Dryg-Tyn-Dymba" (2002) and "Darma ya nayivsya tsybuli" ("Shouldn’t have eaten so many onions") (2005), and a few tracks which appeared in compilations, such as "The First Ukrainian Rockabilly Front" (1998), "Psychobilly Night" (2003/2004, Poland), "Aloha from East Europe" (2004, Russia).

3d album "Poperedu" ("Ahead") was released December 6th 2006 through Moon records (Ukraine).
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