Oz Knozz
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OZ KNOZZ (pronounced oz ka-nozz'), has been on the Music Scene for many years, touring and opening shows for the likes of Supertramp, Kansas, Peter Frampton, Point Blank, and Judas Priest, to name just a few. In addition, they have headlined many of their own shows, building an almost fanatical fan-base over the years.

OZ KNOZZ is pleased to announce the release in June, 2008, of their new CD, "10,000 Days & Nights". This project is the culmination of over three years of work, recorded and produced by the band, mixed by former Diamond Recording Studio Engineer Gregg Gill (www.diamondrecordingstudio.com) and mastered by Award-Winning Master Engineer Jay Frigoletto (www.promastering.com). The CD contains eight original tracks, full of the signature keyboard sounds OZ KNOZZ is known for, as well as powerful lead guitar, full vocals, and a driving rhythm section.

The eight songs on the CD are all different from each other, from the more "commercial" sounding "You Can't Win", through the progressive "arena rock" sounds of "Graven Image" and "Hear What I'm Saying" to the hard-driving "Hi Fi", and the heavy "Who's The Hero", which is slightly reminiscent of Ronny James Dio. The band even evokes some of Queen's vocal harmonies in the middle section of "S/M Woman", but make no mistake, every song is pure "OZ KNOZZ".

This project started out as a way for OZ KNOZZ to archive some of the music they have written and performed over the years, but as the band spent more time and effort with the project, it seemed to take on a life of its own, and the new CD is the end result.

The title,"10,000 Days & Nights" comes from the amount of time that has passed between the first OZ KNOZZ album, "Ruff Mix" and the current release. "Ruff Mix" was released in May of 1975, and incredibly, is still enjoying sales worldwide! Hopefully, "10,000 Days & Nights" will achieve the same level of success!