Paul Cook
Image: Paul ASCAP.jpeg

The Paul Cook Project was formed at Big Note Studios in Abilene, Texas with the help of owner/engineer, Terry Mashburn and keyboardist/arranger, Gordon Cotten. Paul wrote the words and music for all the songs and then went looking for talented vocalists and musicians in and around the Abilene, Texas area to make demos. What he found was a plethora of talent as you will hear. His own daughter, Sterling even co-wrote, Not the Only One with him.

Paul is a drummer and composes songs on the piano and guitar. He has written songs for more than 25 years and enjoys writing in many different genres from Country and Gospel to Rock, Pop, Children's and even Christmas music. 

While he still has a day job in the medical field helping patients in chronic pain, he hopes one day to be a full time composer and author. He is also in the process of writing two thriller novels and several children's books which should be completed soon.