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Praise Warriors from Maryland Baltimore

Artist History

The Praise Warriors consist of four young siblings: Wesley 15, Shaw 13, Julian 12 and Cheyenne 10. These four youths sing and rap Bible verses to Hip-hop music and coined this new genre of Christian music "Scrip-hop." Their parents opened Oblivion America Recordings, a small independent record label to promote and distribute their childrens' music. It all began in 2005, when their home church had a contest where they were challenged to set Bible verses to original music. The children won the contest and, for several months after, their father was asked where music such as that could be found. After several lengthy searches, he was unable to find such music. It was suggested by the childrens' grandmother that their father, being a former rapper, should create music that was Scripture and hip-hop. After concidering it, he discussed it with his wife and children, they all agreed and the Praise Warriors were born.
They are an energetic, powerful, humorous sibling group. They dance w/style and charisma and engage audiences of all ages. The Christian music world has NEVER seen anything like this. 80 % of our lyrics are the Word of God. People who hear us are memorizing Scripture itself. Add to that an amazing performance that keeps the audience engaged and involved the entire time. These 4 young people are part of a family of 10 that desires to serve the Lord Jesus by helping others to get excited about God's Word. We've performed for all ages, elementary school kids to older adults, and the responses are the same: "Incredible" "Cool"
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