R Scott

This record is made up of two distinct sides - Mad Forms uses good time music to tell stories of struggle and hope. Twisted Poses is more reflective, soulful and speaks of commitment to ideas held dear. It makes up a sound he calls Americana Soul.

"Showcasing R. Scott’s deep, grizzly voice sing-songing over string and horn sections, Mad Forms peaks with “Stumblin’ (In the Dark)” a bluesy, boozy jaunt through the New Orleans soundscape that would perhaps be best paired with some freshly squeezed spiked lemonade. It’s followed by its sister-song, the slower, ever so slightly more sober “Goin’ South” (dig the piano and horn breakdown at 1:40).

Standing out on Twisted Poses, “When Sound Had Feel,” sends you toward the album’s close with its simple lyrics and instrumentation, a fantastically quiet reverie about louder times (“When sound had feel/the lions roared/It shook us all awake.”) In this instance, it’s good the lions are still dreaming." - Ellen Griley/The District Weekly

"Scott’s latest solo disc, Mad Forms & Twisted Poses, is a perfectly crafted blend of New Orleans jazz, soul and cabaret, and it’s likely even more of a joy to experience live....The keyboardist provides an all-inclusive, American sound at times reminiscent of Brian Wilson’s Smile....From the opening notes of the Cajun-seasoned “The Battle Wage” to the sober melody of closer “Away,” Scott’s weathered voice transports listeners to every whiskey-stained, smoke-laden stage he has ever set his instrument on. " - Ryan Ritchie/OC Weekly