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Rich Harper from Pennsylvania Pittsburgh

Artist History

With the phenomenal success of their debut CD, Don't Think Just Play, the Rich Harper Blues Band was not only selected as one of Amazon.com's prestigious "Emerging New Blues Artists", but they also quickly climbed up to number 3 on Rolling Stone Magazine's "MP3 & More Blues Chart", while at the same time being designated as an MP3.com "Hot New Artist" with their hit Blue Eyed Blues. Then it got busy. Taxim Records, a German label, joined the group's growing list of blues fans by placing another cut, She's On Her Way Up, on their compilation album titled "More Desaster City Blues". Of course it wasn't long before the name was popping up in blues magazines everywhere and blues societies were urging their members to check out the exciting new group who were carving out a unique niche for themselves in the blues world. By the time the band released their second CD, Bottled Up Blues, Europe had jumped on board by making the band the number 1 selling artists in Switzerland on Amazon's charts. Radio stations worldwide welcomed the new CD with open arms and this time one of the cuts, As She Moved In (My Guitar Moved Out), topped Rolling Stone Magazine's "MP3 & More Blues Chart" at number 1. The international blues scene stood up, did a double take, and these talented artists haven't stopped since.

RHB tours have included festivals & club dates in Australia, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. 2004 included entertaining the US troops in Iraq. RHB performed for the Laughlin River Run 2005 at the Golden Nugget in Laughlin, Nevada. RHB completed tours of Thailand December, 2005 and Sweden March/April 2006. RHB 2007 tours were: Thailand February 2007 Laughlin Nevada River Run April 2007 & Sweden June/July 2007. RHB's 2008 tours included Taiwan & Thailand (February), the Laughlin River Run (April). Norway & Denmark (June-August) & Sweden (Oct-Nov). RHB 2009 Tours will include Taiwan & Thailand (February), Norway (May-June) then back to Taiwan (October). Details for all tours are available at the bands website richharper.com

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