Robert R Patterson
Image: Bob and Guitar.JPG

As a songwriter Robert R Patterson strives to help listeners escape their own problems and experience emotions and feelings through the songs. Listeners have commented on these feelings which compel them to listen and relax. The songs can be as simple as the smile on a little one, or as complex as life itself. He has been recording and producing his own songs for the past 5 years.

As a lifelong musician, his composition style has been strongly influenced by impressionist art, classical music, and most importantly, the world around him . Over the years he has played classical, flat top, and electric guitar. He has also played French horn, piano, and organ. His vocal experiences include Madrigal, renaissance and small a-cappella ensembles. He has also been a vocal soloist. His instrumental music has been compared to guitar versions of Scott Joplin, or Aaron Copeland. Folk songs have been compared to Eric Clapton, or John Prine and yet most people say that the songs are truly unique. This makes comparison to other artists difficult.

It is difficult to put a genre to his compositions as they are truly unique.