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Robert Soup Campbell from Kentucky

Artist History


Soup’s singing started when his father got the brothers together and taught them a few harmonizing tunes. They were fairly descent to him at the age of five. He still remembers them and may sing them with a little improvement. He went on to sing  duet with one of his brothers. They sang and got some attention(not big), but heard a song they had composed on the radio. Someone took their song and use it. That big disappointment plus the change in his brother’s voice stopped that career. So he stopped singing until he and his brother were asked to sing with the Chronicles, a popular gospel group in Lexington and other cities of Kentucky when they were teenagers. He sang in churches and homes until he received a grant-in-aid to attend KSU as a student athlete in basketball. He was an excellent student, all-conference, honors as All-American, played in all-star games, and a deep admirer of Ray Charles. In fact, he would sing some of Ray Charles songs on special occasions and there was a serious debate in class between him a professor, Dr. Exum, as to whether Ray Charles could sing. He defended Ray Charles like a brother. He was good. Further, he taught public school and he was told his voice and singing should be recorded and his voice was soulful, soothing, and good. So he got started in clubs, restaurants, and galleries. Presently, he has six CDs that need to be introduced to the public. This CD, Memories, took soup back to the past. It reminds him of his favor singer and lost love-Patsy Cline. To him she was the very best

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"Soup:Jazzing The Blues" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 18 Apr 2008 08:45 PM
"Soup:Jazzing The Blues" by Robert Soup Campbell is a collection of classic blues songs and jazz numbers that features Soup's energized and emotional vocals sitting above an excellent rhythmic groove. The sound quality of the album is very raw and "analog," giving it a cool retro flavor. "Soup" has a great grittyness to his voice and his blues vibe is distinct. The band is tight and accomplishes the feat of "Bringing it all together." Highlights are the cover of "Born Under a Bad Sign," which pays tribute to Soup's excellent voice. "Baby, Tell Me What You Want Me To Do" (Recorded Live) puts the true energy of the band in perspective - a classic blues dirge with a little harmonica. "The First Time I Saw Your Face" is a touching Jazz number that features strings and a strong vocal performance. If you like Ray Charles, you'll enjoy this CD
William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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