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Rory Ridley-Duff from England North
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Progressive Rock for a New Generation (Full Article)
Progressive Rock for a New Generation
POSTED BY: NHM POSTED ON: 20 Feb 2007 03:58 PM
Hello music lovers, Rory established himself as a keyboardist/composer in UK progressive rock band Protos. At 19, he enrolled on one of the first jazz/rock courses in the UK before studying classical music at London University in the 1980s. He graduated in 1986 as a specialist in composition and orchestration. In the 1990s, he set aside his musical ambitions to raise a family and establish his career as an innovator and writer. Recently, a career switch gave him more scope to pursue his artistic ambitions. In 2006, he released two albums of progressive rock (Passing Decades) and classicial music (A Question of Expression). These rekindled interest in Protos, the progressive rock band he established in the 1970s. As a result, New Horizons Music Ltd was established to develop markets for progressive music. To date, Rory (and life-long friend Steve Anscombe) have released five albums through New Horizons Music. More projects are planned. Click 'Read More' to see the first published review of Rory's debut album Passing Decades. Best wishes New Horizons Music

"This music deftly moves from near ambient space excursions to rather jocular symphonic Prog twists and turns. The most complex and elaborate compositions, and also the most interesting, are found in the second part of the CD. The first half presents more up-tempo pieces, weaving through breezy strands of Prog Rock interspersed with funkier moments and lashings of Jazz. Sometimes it evokes memories of Tubular Bells (Mike Oldfield) but without the darker and more serious overtones - the music always nearer the state of happy-go-lucky jocularity. On this album, Rory has re-arranged three pieces from the Protos repertoire, but the better quality compositions, at least for this writer, are right at the end of the CD. 'Tempest', 'The Maiden' (by Protos) and the conclusive 'Space'. These pieces create angled, spacial, gliding atmospheres, a positive inspiration and pleasant conclusion to this good album." Translation from the Italian by Charlie (Progressive Ears), 23rd January 2007. --Original review Alberto Nucci, December 2006, www.arlequins.it

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Band History
Rory Ridley-Duff started musical life as the keyboard player in the English progressive rock band Protos. Recently, he also became a solo artist after releasing Passing Decades and A Question of Expression (available from iTunes music store). In 2006, he formed a music publishing company New Horizons Music with Steve Anscombe (guitarist in the band Protos) to start new musical collaborations and projects.
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