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SCOTT MOTYKA from Massachusetts

Artist History

No-frills, melodic shred guitarist Scott Motyka, merges old-school fusion rock with modern-day progressive metal, delivering a fuel-injected, edge of your seat attack, which is equally at home ripping the hardest of rocker’s head’s off as it is melting listeners with introspective finesse.

Imagine Robben Ford performing with Tool, covering Paul Gilbert’s ‘Scarified’, using Joe Satriani’s Signature JSX Amplifier.

Hailing from the rural suburbs of New England, cutting his teeth on the edgy eclectic music scenes stretching between Boston and Providence, this virtual unknown delivers a passion and energy for his art, sure to please hard rock guitar aficionados, shred-fanatics and fans of raw, rapid-fire riffage.

On his self-produced solo CD entitled “CUT.. ...FROM WITHIN.”


one hears a collection of close to the heart, hard-hitting instrumental rock tunes inspired by the artist’s trials and tribulations with religion, politics and existential despair.“Cut.., is about emotional pain and how we choose to deal with that pain, I wanted to explore some of the key turning points in my life and make a record that captured those experiences, -and in this case, without words.”

Scott's instrumental dissertation screams of pain, questioning, and angst and conveys the struggle that ensued as he faced his internal demons. From the 'gnashing of teeth' tonality found on “Betrayer’s Trust”, to the solemn intimate resolve heard within tracks like “Rabbiam” and " The Romantical", he projects a depth and dynamic not often found of guitar players within the heavy electric genre.

In 2009, this emerging artist fights the battle for your mind, one note at a time. With new record in hand and supporting power trio on deck, Motyka begins his mission. Armed with his profound ‘secular spirituality’, and old six-stringed friend, he asks the faint of heart to listen with courage,
for his musical message just may be -

The Sound of Everything You Believe, Becoming a Lie.

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"Cut.. …From Within." Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 13 Oct 2009 07:38 PM

Maximum instrumental Metal/Punk fury runs wild as extremely gifted guitarist, Scott Motyka, runs his fingers full throttle across the frets on his album, “Cut.. …From Within.” As you listen to the talents of Motyka you can feel the intensity and precise precision his fingers drive home on these artistic and interesting songs. You’ll be hooked from the first track, “Betrayer's Trust” as Motyka delivers razor sharp guitars burning with melodic hooks and riffs. The fire and passion rise off the strings on “The Romantical” as the guitar bellows with emotive obsession. A frenzied thunder of high velocity guitar riffs boils over on “Seniorita” as it hypnotically melds around the solid and tight drum beats. All fans of Metal/Punk music will thoroughly enjoy this thrashing mania of instrumental guitar on the outstanding CD “Cut.. …From Within.”

-Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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