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Shlock Rock from Israel

Artist History

Lenny Solomon is also know as the King of Shlock.  He is the leader and founder of Shlock Rock.  A Spiritual Jewish Rock Band that promotes Jewish Pride Identity and Awareness.   Lenny and the band have released 31 albums to date since the band started in 1986.  There are three musical genres that Lenny is part of.  He is the Jewish version of Weird Al Yankovic having release 12 parody albums.  He has also released 13 original albums of Jewish Rock in English and in Hebrew.  Finally he has released 6 albums for young children.  Lenny has toured the world with the band from 1988 and has performed over 2000 concerts in the US, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and Israel.   Lenny moved to Israel with his wife in 1996 and they have four children.  His music is available on www.shlockrock.com as well as cd baby and itunes!

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