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Shortman from Phoenix, Arizona
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Artist History

Shortman was born in Harlem New York, and grew up in the ghetto streets of Jersey City N.J.. Having eleven brothers and sisters, a single mom certainly did not provide a privileged life style for Shortman. Not able to afford musical instruments, Shortman began developing singing groups in the hood doing accupella music. It became apparent that Shortman had a natural gift of arranging vocals.

He later moved to Los Angeles and became a studio musician, recording vocals for numerous artists. After working in sessions with notable musicians such as Jerry Peters, William Bryant II, and James Jameson Jr..

Shortman began playing bass and piano with a band named Pulse, which later took him on a one and a half year tour playing top 40 music. A band of which, he was the music director. Shortman later began producing R&B and Hip Hop music with several artist such as, Ice Cube, Vesta Williams, and Lenny Williams. With his ability to now create his own music tracks, write, produce, sing and rap, Shortman began recording his debut Album entitled the message. He then hooked up with longtime friend and hit song writer, producer, Chaz Wesley, sound technician Gerardo Lombardo, and music mogul Randy Irwin, forming the New Metropolis where he also writes, produces, and lay tracks for various up coming artist. Shortman provides a sultry approach along with powerful messages and hard-hitting beats to hip hop music. He has been called a modern day Marvin Gaye as well as a hip hop Quincy Jones. Shortman is surely ushering in the new wave of hip-hop music.
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