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ShunTai from Florida Orlando

Artist History

ShunTai is a Jamaican Reggae Gospel Psalmist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer.

Christened Mark Tomlinson hails from St. Elizabeth Jamaica. His mother Cynthia delivered him on August of 1961. This was during a revolutionary period, as Jamaica became an independent nation and Reggae Music began its transition from Ska.

His birthplace of Windsor, St. Elizabeth was like the Waterhouse of Kingston when it comes to Reggae music, which reverberated every weekend. By the age of five ShunTai’s identity as a reggae music lover began to blossom.

At age six ShunTai relocated to Williams Field; a town close by, to live with his grandparents. His grandfather had a record changer (juke box?) so the beat of Reggae music was ever present in his life. By age eight, ShunTai knew Jesus Christ and began to learn of his teachings as is written in the New Testament. He began attending St. Barnabas Anglican church where the knowledge, wisdom and understandings of Christian living were forever entrenched into his life. ShunTai was also influenced by the wisdom and teachings of various Spiritual Elders of the nearby communities and became open to everyone’s religious identity.

Many years after immigrating to the United States to become educated and married with a family; the love of Reggae music and his love of Jesus Christ never left him. He began the exploration of writing and producing music through the influence of his friend Glenn Floyd. It is his guitar riffs that can be heard throughout the musical journey. With the influence of his friends and family, Shuntai began to follow his dreams and began his musical career.

ShunTai performed for the first time in 1998 at the Orange County Convention center in Orlando doing cover songs from the Bob Marley’s repertoire. In December of 2001 ShunTai attended a Reggae Gospel concert at Alpart in Jamaica and met legendary backup singer for Bob Marley, Judy Mowatt. She spoke to him for only a few precious minutes which encouraged him to enter into the Reggae Gospel Music genre.

ShunTai has been performing extensively in the Eastern Coast, Western and Central Florida, bringing the message of Jesus Christ. He averages over ten performances per year since 2009. He has performed with local and international Artists opening for the likes of Pastor Herman Bryant, Janet Lewis, Marlon Anderson, Bridget Blucher, Dr. Lt. Stitchie, Sanchez, Judy Mowatt, DJ Nicholas and others.

ShunTai currently resides in Oviedo, Florida, USA and adheres to the teachings of Jesus Christ.
He is considered a ‘Renaissance Musician’ of the digital age as he is responsible for writing, producing and recording his own compositions.

He continues to build on the foundations already laid down by great men of the reggae banner before him, seeking to use music as the medium to deliver the message of love, peace, unity, equality and justice for all mankind regardless of their race, color or creed, religious preferences or cultural differences. ShunTai promotes the upliftment of the oppressed, the poor and the needy, promotes peace, not war, love and not hate. Musical inspiration and aspirations is derived from the work and dedication of Bob Marley, keeping that vibe and mission alive is very important for the younger generation.

• Released the first solo album “I Stand”, December 2007, remixing the popular ones to include traditional female background harmonies from 2009-2011.
• New singles such as, “Guide and Protect Dem Lord” appeared in November 2010
• “Umoja Now I Say God’s Children”, released in Nov of 2011
• Extended play (EP Album), “Umoja-The Spirit of Unity” released Sept 2012.
ShunTai Blog
"I Stand" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 16 Apr 2008 09:24 PM
"I Stand" by Shuntai shouts out to the Lord in the form of reggae. It is undoubtedly an expression of faith and the teachings of Christ. Aside from the powerful content, the music is top-notch. The sound is full and the arrangements are fresh and uplifting. Shuntai has a nice reggae voice and his delivery is soulful. Highlights include "Christian Soldiers Get Fired Up," which could probably be considered the "Anthem" of the album and features some cool vocal effects, a nice beat and airy guitar. "Sons and Daughters of America" delivers a powerful message and pleases your ears with an array of sounds."Fire Burning Deep Inside" wraps it up nicely with ultra happy organ lines. If you like Bob Marley or religious reggae, you'll enjoy this one.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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