Spit Hot Fire
"Spit Hot Fire", the self-titled second release and first full length album by the alternative/reggae/rock band from New York City, brings to life the stories, mixed emotions and experiences of a young man pursuing his dreams and success in the most exciting, harrowing and difficult metropolis of the world.  With lyrics accompanied by the gritty, pretty and harmonious dub laced rock of the band, singer/songwriter/guitarist Bryce Alvord's tales of hope, love, lust, fun, exaltation, loss, anger, depression and recovery will entertain and captivate you with their comedic wit and raw honesty and emotion.  Highly relatable to any young, passionate and artistic soul, the stories of the album intimately describe the real life drama of the coming of age in the big city.  Nowhere else in the world can you be so on the brink of success while bordering on destitution, and be so on top of the world in one moment and deep in sorrow the next.  With the driving, hip-hop influenced beats behind the melodic and sophisticated simplicity of Spit Hot Fire's uniquely reggae inspired rock music, you will enter their world with your head nodding and your hips shaking throughout the whole album, and leave with renewed vigor and a smile on your face.  Listen up in your cars and your dorm rooms kids!  This is what life is about to be like, if you got the cajones...

With the next fresh young sound exploding out of lower Manhattan, New York City, Spit Hot Fire have seperated and detached themselves from the frayed and deteriorating indie rock scene that dominates this great city.  They have reminded their growing audience what it feels like to be cool, confident, and sexy.  With a sound as equally appealing to tight jeaned hipsters as it is to bling-clad hip-hoppers, as likable to pump sporting, miniskirted club chicks as it is to tree hugging, pot smoking hippies, Spit Hot Fire is for anyone who is into quality young music with attitude.  With their debut album out and a video for "October Nights" on the way, oppertunities are coming faster and faster for Spit Hot Fire.


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