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Steve Eulberg from Colorado Boulder Fort Collins

Artist History


An Award-winning multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Steve Eulberg weaves mountain and hammered dulcimers with a variety of unusual instruments to create thought-provoking, smile-inducing, toe-tapping acoustic experiences.

He has sung and composed for religious communities, union halls, picket lines, inter-faith retreats, mountain-top youth camps, as well as the more familiar venues: clubs, coffeehouses, bookstores, festivals, charity benefits and showcase concerts.

Born and raised in the German-heritage town of Pemberville, Ohio, Steve was exposed to a variety of music in his home. Early piano lessons were followed by trumpet in school band, and he became self-taught on ukelele and guitar and harmonica. Mandolin was added at Capital University where, while majoring in History, he studied Ear Training, Voice and took Arranging lessons from the Conservatory of Music.

While at college, he first heard hammered and mountain dulcimers, building his first mountain dulcimer just before his final year. Seminary training took him the west side of Denver where he built his first hammered dulcimer. With these instruments, he was able to give voice to the Scottish, English and Irish traditions to which he is also heir.

Following marriage in 1985 to Connie Winter-Eulberg he settled in Kansas City, Missouri. There he worked cross-culturally in a church of African-Americans, Latinos and European Americans, with music being a primary organizing tool. He moved with his family in 1997 to be nestled beside the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Steve Eulberg Blog
"a piece of it all" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 20 Jan 2010 05:43 PM

Steve Eulberg's latest album, "a piece of it all," is brimming with wonderful acoustic Folk/Americana music and cleverly slips in other genres while each component of the band is intricate and outstanding. "Porch Swingin'" is a down home Folk/Blues track with heartfelt lyrics and splashed with great harmonica riffs. Another track, "Who Am I?" is a laid back song with charming violin fills and captures the rhythm of a romantic, Brazilian Bossa Nova beat. "Rock On Rock" is a vocally appealing song in that the call-and-response harmony between the lead and background vocals is impeccable and flows very well with the sound of the mandolin. The track "A Ship May Be Safe" harkens to the Irish history in Americana music with the soothing violin, nostalgic lyrics, and the warmth emitted through the artist's vocals specifically for this song. Fans of the Dixie Chicks or James Taylor will thoroughly appreciate the relaxed and well produced songs of "a piece of it all."

-Trent C. and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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New to Radio Indy!
POSTED BY: seulberg POSTED ON: 14 Jan 2010 02:55 PM

Hi folks, after taking advantage of the Holiday CD Buying guide, I've just joined Radio Indy for a re-release of my recording, "a piece of it all" and I'm in the middle of uploading stuff to my new page!

New Cd Blast from RadioIndy!
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 13 Jan 2010 12:20 PM

Steve Eulberg : a piece of it all

 Steve Eulberg: a piece of it all
This superbly crafted recording with lush, full instrumentation and strong, clear vocals both surprises and delights. Genre: Folk: Modern Folk Release Date: 2007

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