Sudama Mark Kennedy
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I grew up all around the world as my dad was in the U.S. Foreign Service. I lived in Yemen, Greece, Lebanon, Chile, and the U.S. I later lived in India and Japan and have studied Indian music and Japanese Shakuhachi music.

My inspiration is from my heart. I am a poet, spiritual teacher, healer and energy worker by trade and my intention is to do that through music as well as play guitar and sing, but I also play sitar, didjeridu, and shakuhachi flute. I have a band called Dreamtime Continuum which is an improvisational trance and dance band in Santa Barbara, CA. My albums are usually the compilations of songs I write and play, but our live concerts include a more trance and dance improvisitory element because we love it! and are not bound by corporate control.

My music is hard categorize, but I think of it as celestial spirit groove with a funky African edge when it gets going, and quite shamanic when it goes into Dreamtime.