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The Above from Virginia

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The Above is the space between the dance floor and the meditation cushion, the sonic dimension between the power chord and the mantra.  It is the yearning to become, combined with the energy of traveling the road towards spiritual awakening.

The Above can be described as New-Age music that rocks, Progressive Downtempo Electronica with a positive spin, Inspirational Electronic/Acoustic Prog-Rock with a groove, and other awkward and complicated classifications.  However, none of those really capture the essence of the music.

The Above is the solo electronic/electric/acoustic project of musician and composer, Lenny Stearns.  It reflects his diverse musical influences, and incorporates the aspirations and insights of his spiritual journey. The Above draws from Lenny's extensive musical experience performing in bands in a wide-range of genres, and it is inspired by his practice of meditation and his training in Aikido and Shamanic healing.

If this music inspires you, makes you feel good, gives you goosebumps, or just makes you want to dance, it has achieved its purpose.

The Above Blog
"The Above" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: momof5pacs POSTED ON: 17 Jul 2008 09:20 AM
The self-titled album from The Above, is a groovy, rocktronic new age album that will lift your spirits. Solo musician/composer Lenny Stearns brings his best chops to the table with this work. In additional to its uplifting quality, the album brings you a world of sounds in various styles, blending genres and incorporating instruments from around the world. Meditation and spirituality are huge elements on this record, so you can expect to listen with your brain and relax your spirits through this down tempo, electronic morphing. The sound quality does not disappoint; you can rely on the superior quality of the recording to take you to another place. The arrangements are also very unique and well-layered. The opener, "Two Feathers," brings an Asian feel to the table and establishes the tone with airy sounds and a big beat. "Compassion" lowers your heart rate immediately with strings and choral elements. "Never Tell a Stranger" wraps things up nicely with dramatic bass, spacey synths, and a sense of closure. “The Above” is an enjoyable album that takes the listener on a spiritual journey through music inspired by genres that span the globe. If you enjoy new age music with electronica elements, you will surely enjoy The Above.
-William and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team
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