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The Nairobi Incident from Canada Manitoba
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Artist History

The Nairobi Incident is the brainchild of Ivan Klymkiw; a seasoned veteran traveller/musician of 11 years. It was originally founded in mid 2011 under the name "Contra La Manera" while touring and recording in Mexico. While in Africa recording and getting set to perform later in 2011, Ivan beared witness to the heavy burden humanity places on itself and for many reasons retired the old name for the new one which harnesses his personal and raw emotional experiences from the world. It also expresses his interest and love for different styles, ideas and techniques which show up in his songs. Ivan aside, The Nairobi Incident is packed with all kinds of talent in percussionist Patrick Barrios (from Tropical 99), Sean Burke (Bass), Aaron Noone (Lead Guitar), Brian Stefaniuk (Horns) and Carl Dowler (Drums). The music that The Nairobi Incident produces does not belong in one genre. The easist way to begin to describe it is World Alternative Roots with a good fusion of Reggae and Gypsy Rumba. The music is filled with catchy musical and lyrical hooks and appeals to a wide demographic. The Nairobi Incident could best be compared to artists such as Manu Chao, Ziggy Marley, Bob Marley, Oliver Mtukudzi, Salif Keita, Macaco and Calle 13 to name a few, however "TNI" is more like a blend of all of the aforementioned. That being said, The Nairobi Incident has a sound and movement of its own that not many other groups can compare with. In many ways the band is in it's own genre.

The Nairobi Incident Blog
POSTED BY: radioindy POSTED ON: 28 May 2012 06:13 PM

The magnificent group, The Nairobi Incident, releases another wonderful collection of World Fusion songs on their excellent CD, “Tomorrow.” As you listen to this CD you will hear a colorful Reggae tonality blended with Fusion giving this album an amazing tone. The syncopated beats cascade around the captivating vocals creating a fun and relaxing vibe. The title track, “Tomorrow,” impresses with its lively rhythm, charming vocals, and richly textured instrumentation. Another song, “Freetown,” has a catchy melody and is genuine about its roots and sound. “Maria,” is a song that is vibrant and lively and offers a crisp horn section. Fans of Bob Marley and Jack Johnson will thoroughly enjoy the well crafted songs on the terrific album, “Tomorrow.”

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