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The Nucleus from California

Artist History

Hailing from Humboldt County CA, The Nucleus has been crafting its unique sound for over 7 years on the road. Originally concieved as an acid jazz/fusion project in 2000, The Nucleus has played nearly 1000 shows around the country from bars to festivals and everything in between. Morphing into a rock trio in 2003, The Nucleus continued to hit the road hard and accomplish eveything on their own drive and determination. After a few years making a name on the east coast, the band returned to Northern California to pursue its next phase of evolution. The band built a studio and began producing its own albums, kicking off with 2005's "The Art of Reaching". Longtime collaborator/keyboardist Brian Swizlo joined the band during this time and the latest incarnation of The Nucleus was formed. Swizlo has been an in-demand fixture of the Humboldt music scene since the 1990's as well as an L.A. session player and hip hop producer with an instantly recognizable musical touch. With continued touring and a maturing sound, The Nucleus is wowing broad audiences and gearing up for a promising 2007.
With distribution from the Homegrown Music Network, CD baby, Rhapsody and itunes, The band is constantly growing and widening its audience. The Nucleus has released five albums to date with the sixth, "Love and Gold" scheduled for release in Summer 2007. The new album and the new sound reflect the band's return to the classic form of 70's rock'n'roll. Rock connoisseurs will detect influences from Neil Young, The Band, the Allman Bros, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and more. Delivered with passion, precision, and reckless abandon when called for, the songs from "Love and Gold" both live and on record fill an important niche in the collective rock'n'roll consciousness. Anchored by great new songs with lush harmonies and sing-along anthems, with plenty of searing guitar solos, "Love and Gold" instantly feels like the modern classic it is destined to become.
The Nucleus Blog
"Love and Gold" Reviewed by RadioIndy.com!
POSTED BY: EricLawrence POSTED ON: 12 Feb 2008 04:51 PM
“Love and Gold” by the very experienced The Nucleus submerses listeners in classic rock heaven. Upon an initial listen, it becomes very clear that this band is skilled musically, vocally, and lyrically. The lyrics on the CD are strategically, poetically, and memorably written. The band is very tight and clearly has spent considerable hours in the recording and/or rehearsal studio. The title-track kicks of this CD with a delightful bang as listeners get acquainted with this band’s vintage 70’s rock sound. Three-part harmonies bring the chorus of this song to an invigorating climax. “Alabama” boasts a hook-filled unison chorus and an impressive keyboard bridge. Song after song, The Nucleus delivers musical hooks and contagious rock melodies on this CD that are sure to leave listeners thirsting for more.
-Xavier and the RadioIndy Team
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