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The Perfect Poor from Maryland Baltimore

Artist History

The Perfect Poor is a straight up Rock N' Roll Band born in Baltimore Maryland. Whether you’re watching them on stage or listening to them driving down the highway at mach 10 with the windows down, this band guarantees a good time.

The Perfect Poor has found a common ground between the rugged American sounds of classic Southern Rock, Surf Rock, and even a hint of Punk. Imagine taking the hard edge from Motorhead, throwing in the American tale of Lynyrd Skynyrd, the fun in the sun of Steve Miller, the honky tonk of the Drive By Truckers and the Black Crowes, the commanding swing of Elvis and put it all in a blender and the result will be a nice tall serving of The Perfect Poor.

Instead of focusing on the dregs of our culture, The Perfect Poor uses dirty but lovable melodies with catchy hooks that are built and performed from the soul. Lead singer Nick Albrecht explains, “The purpose of each performance is to bring the crowd, whom we know had a long week at work just like us, up on stage with us. Let them kick back and sing along, have a few cold ones and smile. Let’em know life is good.”
The Perfect Poor following generally consists of Poor Heads. The ladies in particular have dubbed themselves Lot Lizards after one of the bands favorite original tunes. Their shows kick ****, I never get tired of listening to them! exclaimed one pleased lot lizard.
The Perfect Poor Blog
Review of “The Devil Made Me Who I Am” by Xavier P. for RadioIndy
POSTED BY: xavierpersad POSTED ON: 02 Jun 2007 10:54 AM
“The Devil Made Me Who I Am” by The Perfect Poor is an upbeat, fast-paced rock n’ roll CD. Each song shares catchy lead guitar riffs and memorable solos. There is also a bit of diversity on this CD, with slower, country-influenced tracks like “Puna Style.” Furthermore, the lead singer’s vocals fit the band’s musical style very well. The vocals are compelling and captivating, backed by lyrics that seem to simply ‘flow.’ The production of “The Devil Made Me Who I Am” is nothing short of exceptional. This collection of groovy tunes is sure to put a smile on the faces of those who enjoy great rock n’ roll!
-Xavier P.
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